Current Opportunities

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So why work for us?

Meaningful work

Our mission is to be the most client responsive and supportive provider in our industry. The end goal for us is ensuring we deliver on expectations and leave our customers genuinely happy. We are blazing new trails in service delivery every day while focusing on our mission.

Great people

Our people come with boundless enthusiasm and energy. A customer once summed up their experience with Amtek in two words that have now become our company motto: ENERGETIC SERVICE. Our behaviors build trusted relationships and the experiences we deliver all feel like us.

Reward & Recognition

Our people are driven and rewarded to be the very best they can possibly be for our business and its customers. Our people also value the opportunity to learn, grow their career with us, and give back.



Our Culture

  • Vision
  • Pulse Surveys
  • Diversity
  • Giving Back

Our Rewards

  • Training & Development
  • Financial & Non-Financial
  • Career Growth
  • Flexible Working