About us

What we do

Amtek provide technical service in the Banking and Finance, Transticketing, Retail, Security and Cash Handling sectors. It’s what we live and breathe each day.


1. Our Mission

To be the most client responsive and supportive provider in our industry.

2. Our Objectives

1. To be a profitable business and the number 1 choice for service in Australia in our industries
2. To ensure our customers are happy and smiling
3. To bring out the best in our employees, ensuring they are happy and smiling

3. Our People

There’s no secret when it comes to the secret of our success. To deliver exceptional customer service, you need a dedicated team of Superstars

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With Enthusiasm and Energy, we aim to ensure customers equipment is running 24/7

Customer Service is Key

It sounds simple, but how many businesses lose their way, forgetting that their initial growth was the direct result of strong, old-fashioned dedication to helping their customers? We aim to never forget this simple lesson, which is why we invest time and resources developing our service model and procedures, training and continuously re-training our technical staff, and conducting ongoing quality audits at our customer sites. All to make sure we are delivering a great service that is genuinely satisfying.

Started in 2006 by 3 enthusiastic, dedicated electronics professionals, Amtek initially provided gaming installation and project management services to Tabcorp in Victoria and NSW. A reputation to ‘get the job done’ propelled our small team of dedicated service professionals to a Nationwide staff of over 150 employees and 220 contractors across Australia and New Zealand.

Taking on large scale rapid deployment projects, such as the Victoria-wide implementation of the Myki Ticketing System for Public Transport Victoria, Amtek has developed a reputation for service ‘above and beyond’, rolling out projects and systems that others couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Our attitude is simple. If we do great work for you, you will give us more work and recommend us to other customers. Having a strict focus on ensuring delivery of positive service outcomes drives our teams to constantly be on the lookout for ways to serve customers better. We service customers with Enthusiasm and Energy.

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Meet some of our team

The strength of our business is directly proportional to the service provided by our team, hence we seek out the most customer focused dedicated people wherever they are.



One of our Gaming Superstars, David encapsulates energetic service and what Amtek is all about


A Supervisor in our ever expanding retail team, Meng promotes a healthy and happy Team Spirit


Quite possibly the nicest person you will ever meet, Normy runs our Energetic Crown Casino Team

2022 facts at a glance

Amtek is Australia’s fastest growing energetic technical services company, where a passionate positive culture drives innovation and results.

  • 250,000 Activities completed by our field team
  • 43,000 Equipment repairs, key-load and testing activities performed in our workshop
  • 255,000 Parts Dispatched from our Logistics Centre
  • 70,000 Phone calls handled by our Melbourne-based Helpdesk

Our obsession with service excellence, client support, employee safety and environmental stewardship is reflected in our nationally accredited QSE Management System. This highly evolved integrated system includes a library of over 253 policies, procedures, templates and work instructions, ensuring we leave nothing to chance.

ISO Certified