Kiosk Terminals

We have the specialised skills to integrate and maintain any kiosk system, spanning airline ticketing solutions through to retail and event ticketing applications.


  • 24/7 licensed technicians
  • Call centre with toll-free supportline 
  • New equipment installation and commissioning
  • Decommissioning of existing infrastructure and relocations
  • Field maintenance and upgrades
  • Equipment reconfiguration
  • Pre installation audits
  • Application development
  • Software and web portal integration
  • Vandalism response
  • System integration and compatibility testing
  • Note/coin detection and dispensing servicing
  • Heavy handling
  • Warehousing and logistics management
  • Storage, repackaging, tracking and distribution
  • Power and data cabling services
  • Asset tagging and storage
  • Prestaging and testing
  • Hardware/software upgrades including patches
  • Site specific technical and compliance audits
  • Site specific training, scheduling and induction
  • Equipment feasibility studies and audits



Our broad range of product experience includes:

  • Touchscreen kiosks
  • Online silverball kiosks
  • CRT Monitors and LCD Screens
  • Card readers



  • Occupational Health and Safety compliant for each site
  • Worksafe compliant for each site
  • Technicians trained and certified in the official test and tag process
  • Electrical, Austel and Structured Cabling endorsement